Get all project rest api

I am trying to get all projects using rest api rest/api/2/project/search and it is returning empty array as response even though I have given permission to lead and my user to browse project. But when I give public access, it works. I am using api token for authentication


Can you tell us more about the full HTTP request you are making?

Hi @ibuchanan . I am using this api and trying the example with node js. And using email and api token for the user for which I gave permission in permission schema


The node.js example works for me as soon as I change the URL to my instance and the email:password to my email and API token. I noticed that not changing the URL will yield an empty array. Could that be your problem?

Hi @ibuchanan . I have changed url to point to my organisation’s url. I can create issue by api and it is reflecting in the JIRA ui but I am not able get projects or get issue.

As you can see in the image I have given permission as well.
If I select public from the permission list then it is working. I figure some issue with permission but I am not able to figure it out that where else should I get permission

I could not attach more than one image. so attaching in different message