Get all settings for a space through REST APIs

Need an API that would help procure all the settings for a space such as

  1. Manage space
  2. Space permissions
  3. Manage pages
  4. Look and feel
  5. Integrations

Currently I see an API that helps get the look and feel for the space.

  1. Am I right in considering this is the API for the look and feel part of the settings?
  2. Are there APIs for other params too that I missed out on ?

Hi @ShreyasWade ,

Welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community.

Your question seems quite broad and somewhat vague so it’s difficult to give an answer with any precision. For example, when I visit the space settings I can see controls allowing me to view the name of the space and rename it and APIs exist for this (e.g. get space and update space) so it would seem there are additional APIs you may be interested in, but it’s not clear exactly what your trying to do so I’m not sure which functionality to focus on.

I suggest posting a new topic that provides a bit more information about what you are trying to do.