Get all sprints API Suggestion

When working with the Jira Software API > Board > Get all sprints (, there is no parameter option to order the data (orderBy). This results in the inability to pull the most recent sprints first.


Desired result = pulls the most recent five sprints for the given board as determined by the startDate field.

There is pagination and the ability declare where to start in the results list (startAt), but in integrations where it is not possible to loop the api call, it is impossible to dynamically pull the all/the most recent sprints.

There is also the ability to pull only active sprints (state=active) but obviously, this will not include the most recently closed sprints.

The maxResults only allows for 50 records to be pulled, so that is not useful if trying to pull all sprints.

Other API endpoints allow for the orderBy parameter, such as …/rest/agile/1.0/board (get all boards), so I would assume this is could be added to the other endpoints such as get all sprints.

This is not a bug or breaking issue with the API, but rather something that would be extremely useful if available.