Get all the events of moving issues between board's columns


I’m getting started with Forge and I was checking the doc for any helpful information about getting all the events happening on the boards, specifically the event of moving an issue from one column to another, I’ve found that there is only the issue update event but it doesn’t give information if the issue has been moved to another column or am I missing something?

I appreciate any help you can provide.

Hi @Hexacker – you’ll want to check out an endpoint to retrieve changelogs (or history) of an issue. Here’s the link to the API doc.

In the changelog results, you’ll want to filter for items where field === STATUS and look at both the from and to properties to see what the transition is.

Thank you for your fast reply @BenPierce.

I was wondering if an event is available through webhooks(I think Web Triggers in Forge are the same as webhooks).

I don’t want to frequently check the status/changelogs of boards to see if there are any updates.


Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @Hexacker,

Close, but web triggers are actually something you might send into Forge, not something that Jira sends to your app. You’d probably want a product trigger. And for the events specific to Jira, there aren’t any about the board per se. So you’d need to follow issue updates and sort out the ones that are board impacting yourself, like by looking at status. Of course, because of board configurations, it’s not a guarantee that every status updates a board but that’s the closest fit.

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Thank you @ibuchanan that’s clarify a lot of things