Get all users not returning any data


We use this Jira API to retrieve all users in our customers’ instance.

This has been working fine for us. However, we recently came across a case where this API is returning 0 users. The customer syncs all of their users via Active Directory.

Any suggestions for what might the issue be and how we can fix it?

This is a rough snippet of what our code to fetch users for a particular instance looks like:

            rel = "/rest/api/3/user/search" 
   ...:     params = {"query": "", "maxResults": MAX_USERS_RESULTS} 
   ...:     def get(self): 
   ...:         return self._get(self.rel, params=self.params).json() 



When you say you “came across a case” does that mean ‘only once’ or ‘sometimes’ or ‘all the time’

Also, when the response contains zero users, is there an error message that comes back from the REST API?

Also, what other methods or techniques have you tried to isolate the problem yourself?

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Hey @sunnyape,

We have had a couple of reports from customers where they mentioned not being able to see any of their Atlassian users in our product. We sync users via the Atlassian API i linked above → the API returns zero users (no errors).

The same API seems to work for most customers so I am not sure what else I could do here to isolate the problem.

Any pointers would be useful.


Hello @AbhishekRay

Sorry, but if you have done extensive problem solving to isolate the issue and not had any success, I suggest you liaise with Atlassian directly.