Get Current User Info Request returns 403 Forbidden


I am trying to fetch the information for the currently logged-in user in my Jira Cloud plugin. I am mainly interesting in the Account ID, Name, Email Address of the user.

I am using Atlasian Connect Express application.

From my iFrame application (written in Angular), when I execute the below function, it returns me only the Account Id of the user.

        AP.user.getCurrentUser(function(user: any) {
          console.log("The Atlassian Account ID is", user.atlassianAccountId);

However, when I try the Request module, I get 403: Forbidden

  .then(data => alert(data.body))
  .catch(e => alert(e.err));

I will appreciate if someone can help me to figure out the underlying issue, please.


Ahmad Qarshi

I think you should be doing a GET to /rest/api/3/myself and not /rest/api/user/current . Note that you’ll need to use the read scope in your descriptor.


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your prompt response. I have already set the read scope in the descriptor file but that didn’t work.

However, when I tried with a GET to /rest/api/3/myself, it did work and I received the required data. :+1:

By the way, what could be the reason for the failure of the /rest/api/user/current

Thanks a lot for the help.

Welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community, @AhmadQarshi1!

Chiming in here, as @danielwester highlighted, Jira Cloud uses GET /rest/api/3/myself to get the current user.

Looking at the one you used - /rest/api/user/current - by any chance are you referencing Confluence Cloud’s Get current user API instead of Jira Cloud’s?


Thank you @iragudo.

No I am using Jira Cloud. The very last function found here

Ahmad Qarshi