Get customer requests from multiple service desks?


I’ve been using the Get customer requests JSM API to get customer requests for specific service desks.

Recently I’ve ran into some issues with rate-limiting with customers that have a lot of service desks (100+) and since this API seems to only allow querying with a single serviceDeskId I’ve been making an API call per service desk to make sure I’m displaying the customers requests in the correct order and only in the service desks that have been added to our app.

I’ve experimented with not querying with a serviceDeskId at all so I get all requests from all service desks and then filter these on our end based on if the service desk is added to our app or not. This of course poses the problem that the first call might not return any requests for service desks that I can show and then I would need to paginate the API for who knows how long…

I’ve also experimented if I could use the searchTerm query param here somehow but have not had any success.

If anyone has any ideas I’d be happy to hear them.


Hello @MiikaMkiniemi,

As per the documentation the REST API endpoint does accept multiple serviceDeskId. We have feature request in place for providing option to pass multiple serviceDeskId to fetch the customer requests.


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