Get Epic links with JIRA Cloud Rest API

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JIRA offers a possibility to link an issue (task, new feature, …) to an Epic. Is it possible to get these links thru JIRA Cloud rest API? From what I’ve seen in, there is nothing on this, but I may be wrong…

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Not sure which direction you’re doing @frederictardieu. You can get all the issues linked to an epic with

You can get the epic linked to an issue by using the JIRA Software REST API resource for the issue,

Hi @dmeyer,

Well you got my question right. When editing an issue, there is a possibility to link it to other issue(s) (point 1 in attached screenshot), and to an Epic (point 2 in attached screenshot).

So seems API endpoint epic-getIssuesForEpic does the job corresponding to point 2, and that’s what I was looking for,



Hi @frederictardieu,

Internally in JIRA, the Epic Link is a custom field, not an issue link. Using issue links for epics won’t work.


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Hi @dmeyer,

Yes that was my point, thanks!