Get information from the user email endpoint (JWT)

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I have a small question regarding JWT and Forge. We are currently developing an app, but with Atlassian Connect. During the development process we found out that we need JWT to fetch information from the endpoint


which probably means, that we need a server backend. We now also asked ourselves if we could easily access that endpoint with Forge if our app has been approved to do so? Does anybody know how Forge handles JWT endpoints?

Thanks in advance!

PS: Sorry if I used the JWT term incorrectly. I’m not sure yet how that is exactly working ;( I should probably read up about it a little bit more in the near future.

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You also need to request the ACCESS_EMAIL_ADDRESSES scope as described in this post.


Hi @martin.gypser,

Currently it’s not possible to invoke the /wiki/rest/api/user/email endpoint from a Forge app. This is because Forge and Connect use differently underlying authentication mechanisms (Connect uses JWT and Forge uses OAuth 2.0) and some REST resources in our products don’t support both auth methods. The email endpoint currently only supports JWT.

We are actively working to get 100% OAuth 2.0 coverage across all Atlassian product REST APIs, and we are also investigating how to make sure GDPR-related functionality like this works suitable for Forge apps. So hopefully I will have a different answer for you in the future!



Thanks for the responses @dzagorovsky and @HeyJoe, really appreciated :slight_smile:

Sounds very interesting of having another option to access that endpoint besides of using JWT in the future. Looking forward to that. I don`t know if I may already ask that one, but do you have a rough estimation when this will be available in the future? Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Hey @martin.gypser,

I don’t have a timeline on the availability of this functionality yet, sorry to say. You may wish to keep an eye on the public Atlassian developer platform roadmap to see what is actively being worked on, and what is coming up next:


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Hey @HeyJoe o/ We are currently planning to implement another app where we probably need the mail addresses. We consider using Forge this time but we need this endpoint here again. Since 5 months have gone by I would like to ask you if there is something new that you can share regarding this endpoint being available from a Forge application?

Thank you in advance.

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Hey again @HeyJoe :slight_smile: It’s been 9 days now. Can you share anything new with us? :slight_smile:

Hey @martin.gypser - Adding support for this API to Forge is not currently roadmapped, unfortunately. If your app depends on being able to access this API you’ll need to build on Connect for now.

I have created a suggestion in the Forge project for this: [FRGE-275] Allow Forge apps to access the protected user email address API - Ecosystem Jira - please comment on that issue with some details on your use case to help us prioritise it appropriately, and watch the issue for further updates.

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Hey @HeyJoe thank you for the response :slight_smile: Will do that asap.