Get issue related VCS/git/Bitbucket information with the Jira API

Hi there,

I wonder if there’s a chance to fetch VCS/git information e.g. from Bitbucket, using the Jira API?

For example I want to know who contributed most to a feature/issue (commit count). It should extend the standard Development panel in the issue view (e.g. with additional custom fields).

Is there anyway to get this information?



No, not from the Jira API at this time. To be clear, the information about Bitbucket lives in Jira Software, not in the Jira platform. If it ever came to pass, it would be through the Jira Software APIs.

Thanks for the fast answer. Sorry, I was unclear at this point, but it’s also not possible to access this information within the Jira Software API, right?

Any thoughts how to retrieve any Bitbucket information from a Jira Forge app?


That’s correct. It is not possible to access this information via Jira Software API.

Right now Forge Apps listed on Marketplace cannot cross product boundaries using native Forge capabilities. For example, the Forge manifest would let you list scopes from multiple products, but only one of requestJira and requestConfluence will work, depending on where the app is installed.

A “workaround” could be to use API Tokens and call the Bitbucket API as if it were an external API. However, I think the recommended solution is to create 2 apps that talk to each other. One to install into Jira and another to install into Bitbucket. However, the “coordination” required between the 2 apps is entirely do-it-yourself at this time. You would have to build your own mechanisms to get these 2 apps to talk to each other.

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Ah, one more thing. Are there plans to support Forge apps for Bitbucket?