Get last modifier of space details via CQL

Does anyone know if it’s possible to get information on the user last modifying a space (not a page) through CQL. Currently we’re using the rest api api/search and CQL:

lastmodified <= endOfYear() (AND type = "space")

to find updates on spaces. However, there doesn’t seem to be expandable options to find the user doing latest changes on the space itself, only on the homepage. (For example by using expand-fields:,content.history.lastUpdated,space.homepage.history )

Anyone know if it can be achieved using CQL and the public apis?

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you will need to order by lastmodified desc, and then expand the version expandable object (to get the last modifier)

lastmodified <= endOfYear() and space.key = "yourkey" order by lastmodified desc

the expansion:

Hi Joe,

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I’ve tried your suggestion and it works for content (pages, blogposts etc) and we already have this covered (although we got the information by expanding content.history instead of content.version) but not for entities of type space. For example if I’ve created a space and then after creation go to edit space details and change the name of the space for example, the CQL:

lastmodified <= endOfYear() order by lastmodified desc

gives the following entry for the updated space:

From there there’s no expand space.history/version or similar to access the equivalent information present for content entries.

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