Get list of only installed plugins using Rest API

I am trying to get the list of installed plugins using the endpoint and what I am getting is list of installed plugins but when I deactivate any of the plugin and again fire that API I still get the deactivated Plugin. Can someone help me with the API to get the list of installed plugins only and not the deactivated ones?


Well that end point would only return the apps user. Not sure if they disppear when the apps are uninstalled.

I’m not sure there is an “official” way of getting the apps installed on an instance.

What are you trying to do with the installed plugin list? Perhaps there is some other way of accomplishing the same thing?

Hi Daniel,
This endpoint not only returns the list of apps user but also the list of installed apps along with the deactivated ones with accountType as “apps”.
I looked into the API documentation but was not able to get the API that returns list of installed plugins only using Oauth.


We have a access compliance product where we want to show the list of active installed plugins accurately. In the case, as @RinkeshGoyal noted, we don’t seem to be able to get a list of active installed plugins, we also seem to be getting the ones that were deactivated.

It would be great if there was a resource (preferably an OAuth 2.0 based REST API) which we could leverage to get the accurate picture of which are the active installed plugins on an instance.

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We’re having the same challenge here. We have a small Python script that we use to install our app on our test servers (as explained at Registering Apps) before we run our Selenium tests. This works most of the time, but sometimes the API returns success, yet the app is not installed.

Atlassian mentions in the above mentioned documentation:

You should not rely on the response returned from the POST request to confirm that the app has been installed.

I won’t comment this.

The work-around they propose is not feasible in our scenario. Any idea how we can make sure that the app actually been installed?

To get a list of installed apps, take a look at UPM REST API: Ho do I get a list of installed plugins? Although this will return all installed plugins, you can identify the enabled ones by checking the value of the enabled attribute.

Does this help?