Get List of users from organization managed account

I am trying to retrieve all the users from particular admin, organizations managed account (users comes under directory).
As of now i am able to see only 50 users , I want all the users from the organizations.
Request ={org-id}/users
authorization=barer {token}
Kindly help to query the user to get all the users from organization list.

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @SunandaMenashinkai,

Is that just the first page of data? Can your client traverse the URL to get the next page?

Hi @ibuchanan I need to fetch all the data in one request is it possible? (more then 1000 users ) and at least i need to fetch count of users…{org-id}/users/count- Its throwing 404-Not found error.

Hi @ibuchanan I m not sure its first page data because user-ids are not fetching in order wise. and response has the URL.

No. Pagination is not optional.

Even on the first page of data, I think you can find According to the documentation that is:

Total number of users in this Query

Even if only 50 are in the first page.

I have more than 1000 users in my admin account. and in the response i m not seeing any or count attribute.
I have checked with searching email attribute that search result showing 50.

Hi @ibuchanan The Response is having random users- I mean i have taken email and searched in my admin users list i was present.
My task are using Rest Api
1 I Need to fetch total number of users present under my admin account of particular organization ?
2 All users at time?
3 I need to filter out the users based on there status= diactivated or active
4 Filtering based on the domains or different jira products access?
any specific documentation help here?


You aren’t missing anything in documentation. Those aren’t features of the cloud admin REST API.

Hi @ibuchanan
Could you please place cloud admin Rest api document link here.
Those aren’t features of cloud admin Rest API-- You mean we cant able to do those task using Rest-API’s.

retrieving the total number of users (count) under specific admin atlassian user is also not possible? Its showing 404 error with URI of users/count