Get only company managed projects

Hi there,

is there a way to return just projects which are “company managed projects” with this endpoint /rest/api/3/project/search ?

Thank you

Hi @janambroz,

In the response body, you’ll get something like this

            "expand": "description,lead,issueTypes,url,projectKeys,permissions,insight",
            "self": "",
            "id": "10005",
            "key": "STM",
            "name": "software team managed",
            "projectTypeKey": "software",
            "simplified": true,
            "style": "next-gen",
            "isPrivate": false,

You can use style to determine if a project is team-managed or company-managed. A value of classic means company-managed while next-gen refers to team-managed (for more context, feel free to check this page).