Get organization associated with a customer user

Hi , I am unable to find an API which returns organization of a customer user in servicedesk. Is it possible to get the organization by customer’s accountId ?

Can someone answer this ?

@dmorrow can you or someone from team help on this ? Need to implement a feature around this which is requested by a customer.

Hi @VishwajeetSingh,

Apologies for the delay. I am looking into this now and will update you soon.

You can use the Get customers API in ServiceDesk. You can’t query by accountId, but it possible via display name, name or email of customer. Please not that this is still experimental. So, you have to add X-ExperimentalApi : opt-in in the header of the request.

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Thank you this is really helpful.

@aagrawal2 This API doesn’t seems to return organization with which customer is associated, can you please check and confirm ?

That’s right. It doesn’t return the organization.

My question was getting organization for customer. In that case how does shared API helps ?

Apologies. I missed this info. Yeah, this is missing from the API and would be a good addition to the API response. I will a feature request for this and share it here.

Meanwhile, I tried looking for a workaround but there isn’t one. There is Get users in organisations API, but that is not your use case.

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Here is the public ticket for the feature request -

Please feel free to watch, add comment or check status on it there.

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