Get request type fields REST API for Jira Service Management Issue view

@ccurti I would like to ask you one more question.
This REST API allows us to get the fields for the request form in edit mode. But displaying the form in view mode is configured separately. How can I get the fields that should be displayed in form view?

Hi @Alex_Basatski,

I did some research on this and it is currently not possible to retrieve the list of fields configured in the Issue view tab of a request type.

Here is a screenshot for reference of what this request is about:



@ccurti Thank you for your reply.

@ccurti Could you create an Issue related to this topic for implementation in future releases on your portal?
Thank you.

Here you are: JSDCLOUD-12854.

FYI: for Jira Service Management REST APIs, the JSDCLOUD project is the most appropriate so that’s why I’ve filed this there.



Thank you very much! :slightly_smiling_face: