GET /rest/api/3/customField/{fieldId}/option fails for non-global custom fields


  1. create a custom field of type “select list (single choice)”
  1. make a rest api request: GET /rest/api/3/customField/CUSTOM_FIELD_ID/option ( GET in my case )

Expected Result:
As documented GET /rest/api/3/customFIeld/CUSTOM_FIELD_ID/option: 200

{"self":"","maxResults":1000,"startAt":0,"total":3,"isLast":true,"values":[{"id":10321,"value":"Test 1"},{"id":10322,"value":"Test 2"},{"id":10323,"value":"Test 3"}]}

Actual Result:

{"errorMessages":["Global context does not exist for the field 10482."],"errors":{}}

P.S. My expectation is based on the fact that the REST API doesn’t provide any query parameter allowing to specify the context, and as far as I can remember it used to work for any type of context.

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Please read this deprecation message which explains how to now get the options of a custom field and also include the context.

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