GET /rest/api/3/filter/search

I would retrieve all my filters by using GET /rest/api/3/filter/search but I receive as status response : 404 Not found. Then someone can help me please ?

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So far, running a quick test, /rest/api/3/filter/search works fine via CLI, Postman, and browser. The only scenario I can think of that will return a 404 is if you’re targeting a non-existent instance. How are you testing this REST API?


Thanks @iragudo !

The problem is all my other request work fine. I’am testing this API via Postman by using . I’am also testing but it doesn’t work.

Your instance url looks like it is not a Jira cloud instance. By any chance are you running on a server deployment and not on cloud? If so, that explains the 404 since that REST API is not available in Jira server REST API.

@iragudo then why my other requests work fine as for example and{id}/permission respectively to create filter and add share permission to a filter.

The two REST APIs you mentioned exist in server land as well. Kindly see the links below.

If this is POST then Create filter.

If GET then Get share permissions. If POST then Add share permissions.

Also, can you check the deploymentType by calling so that we can verify if you are running on server or cloud?


@iragudo it’s true am running on jira server as showing here :
“baseUrl”: “”,
“version”: “7.13.0”,
“versionNumbers”: [
"deploymentType": “Server”,
“buildNumber”: 713000,
“buildDate”: “2018-11-28T00:00:00.000+0000”,
“serverTime”: “2019-05-24T10:02:27.454+0000”,
“scmInfo”: “fbf406879436de2f3fb1cfa09c7fa556fb79615a”,
“serverTitle”: “Smart Trade JIRA”

So how can I retrieve all my user’s filters from the jira server, please ?


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Thanks for clearing that out. In server, unfortunately, there’s no way via REST API. There’s an existing feature suggestion though (see JRASERVER-69347), you can track the progress from there and vote for it.

Thanks @iragudo it’s a pleasure to discuss with you.

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