GET /rest/api/latest/project/{projectIdOrKey}/version returns nothing in values;[]

I am trying to get the versionid value using the rest api, and for the resource I use:
requesttest.Resource = “/rest/api/latest/project/14411/version”;
where 14411 is a valid project id.

In the response only the following is returned:


How can I find out the versionID value which I underst and should be returned in the values section (as shown below copies from the api documentation).

“values”: [
“self”: “”,
“id”: “10000”,
“description”: “An excellent version”,
“name”: “New Version 1”,
“archived”: false,
“released”: true,
“releaseDate”: “2010-07-06”,
“overdue”: true,
“userReleaseDate”: “6/Jul/2010”,
“projectId”: 10000

Hi @jajaffey,

Could you confirm that you have existing versions in your project? Refer to: Managing Versions doc.

Anne Calantog