Get space properties REST API pagination: there is no next link

For the space properties REST API (GET) there is a problem w/ the pagination. If there are more properties than the limit you specify in your request then there is no “next” link under _links like in other paginated APIs.

Workaround: request an additional page if the size of the response is == limit

I don’t see an open issue for this, but I could have missed it.

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@TureHoefner this might be related to

Thanks @marc. It looks like that one is for the get group members API.

I have a feeling that there is not a consistent implementation for pagination in the REST APIs… no common pagination library/layer/framework that is being used.

That’s my guess based on some of the pagination bugs we’ve run into. It seems like different types of pagination bugs are sprinkled around the API in different places.

For example, pagination doesn’t work at all for the space template API. It is broken in a few different ways:

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