Get table data from Confluence page with 'Page Properties Report' macro - Python

I am trying to get table data from a Confluence cloud page to Python. The table on the page is generated by a ‘Page Properties Report’ macro.

I have tried using the Python code below. However, the received HTML code does not contain the table data. Do I have to use another expansion than body.view?

from atlassian import Confluence

username = 'zzzzz'
API_token = 'qqqqqq'

confluenceBaseUrl = ''
page_id = 'yyyyyyy' 

conf = Confluence(url=confluenceBaseUrl, username=username, password=API_token)

page = conf.get_page_by_id(page_id, expand='body.view')
page_content = page['body']['view']['value']
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Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @TomLarsen,

For context, can you link to the library you are using?

Hello @TomLarsen,
If you just had simple html table added to the page you could use:
confluence.get_page_by_id(page, expand="")["body"]["storage"]["value"]

and then use bs4 library to scrap the html tables and save them as python list of lists.

However for page properties macro is stored in confluence pages as:

"<table data-table-width=\"760\" data-layout=\"default\" ac:local-id=\"38f83295-c9e8-4528-87a1-aa5ee197051f\">

I don’t see any easy way to extract content of page properties report table from API, at least in Confluence Cloud

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