GET Team locked field options

Hello. I am developing Exalate script to synchronize issues from Jira Cloud project to ADO project. I need to sync Team names but I can`t get them from Jira side. If it even possible to get list of Teams names? Or maybe there are some workarounds?
I need request (1) to get names of teams and (2) create team.

I`ve already found ID for Team field in custom field configuration menu: customfield_14601.
Also I can see that this is locked field.

I tried to use such request(from
GET /rest/api/3/field/{fieldId}/context/{contextId}/option
But I got message that this field does not have options. Although I can see in the issue window that it`s dropdown field.

Also I tried method from here:
But I got message that Id customfield_14601 or 14601 is not valid.

Also I found unresolved ticket about Advanced Roadmaps API for Jira Cloud ([JSWCLOUD-20360] Implement a REST API for Jira Advanced Roadmaps - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.) and Portfolio API but it seems that it is only for Jira server and not cloud.

There is no way to get Team field right now can you confirm?