Get the user name of the current user on My Confluence Cloud instance

Hi ,
I’am develloping an add-on on Confluence Cloud , to get the userName of the curent user i used this “GET /rest/api/user/current” like mentiond in the link of Atlassian RESTapi here :
but i get as a result this ==> "username: ‘’
wich is a concatination between the word ‘addon’ and ‘the key of my add-on that write in the decriptor’ (Atlassian-connect)
i didn’t understand why i get this result i am stuck in this level please help as soon as possible .

Thnks For Help
Held Basma

Instead of making a REST request that takes extra time, there is already a built-in function of the Atlassian Connect Javascript library that allows you to get the current user:

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Hi @stephendeutsch1

I aleady found the solution , in my case with NodeJs i took it from req like this way :
userID = req.query[‘user_id’];

I apreciate your help any way ^^

HELD Basma