Get users in an organization API returns inaccurate 'last_active' time

Hi everyone,

I have an organization with a verified domain and few managed accounts.
When I use the following Rest API: GET /admin/v1/orgs/{orgId}/users
it returns the list of accounts and for each account there is “last_active” time and list of “product_access” where for each product there’s another “last_active” attribute.

I see that the last_active time isn’t updating, the general “last_active” time shows that the last time I was active was 2 days ago while I’m using Confluence and Jira every day. For instance, if I open the general settings => User Management => Users - it shows the correct last activity time.
Is there any statement I’m missing when this information is getting updated?
How can I get the correct and up to date “last activity” time for my organization’s users?
Any solution to get the correct last activity / last login / last action time for my users using API will be great!

I’ll appreciate any help with this issue since we are struggling with this issue for a long time.
Thanks in advance!

an update - if I open the organization settings, under Directory => Managed Accounts - I see the list of product access for my account and the “Last active” time over there is also incorrect (like the api returns)

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@TomKeidar - just found a bug report on this very issue.

Please upvote and make a comment on the issue. It’s currently listed as a low priority, so if there’s significant business impact, I suggest letting the team know in your comment.

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