GET Users information with a Connect App

Hi there,

I’m developing a Connect App for Jira user information. Getting user information and their email addresses but I’ve hit a small problem where it seems to require multiple tokens to achieve this.

I’m looking to pull information from /rest/api/3/users to retrieve all users in the system. Then using the accountId fetch the email address.

The issue i’m facing is why I can not use the Connect App to fetch all users from /rest/api/3/users and following this request with a request to the emails endpoint.
The scopes section denotes that Connect Apps don’t have the required permission, Connect apps cannot access this REST resource.

Is there a reason for this limitation seeing as the Connect App can get email addresses with an approved ACCESS_EMAIL_ADDRESSES key (currently using developer key), but the basic non-GDPR information is blocked from Connect Apps.

Seems we need to have two tokens, (Oauth2 or Token and a shared Secret) to get user information and the email address of a user. Is this correct?
Or can the Connect App get user information as well through a different endpoint?
Or is there a single token approach to getting all user information including emails (without the need for the user to set their email to public)?

Any help is greatly appreciated and if you need more information let me know.
I’ve read through a good few community posts and didn’t see an answer for this particular question but if I’ve missed an already answered question let me know.


Any update on this one?

Hi @killianmoore ,

The resource GET /rest/api/3/users is clearly states as “Connect apps cannot access this REST resource.”.
What you should use to the get the emails are:
GET /rest/api/3/user/email
GET /rest/api/3/user/email/bulk
which require only JWT token authentication as Connect-App.