Get webtriger url does no t work

Hi, i generated a web trigger, so i want the user can see the URL of the webtrigger so he can copy the WebTrigger URL.

i got something like that

import api, { webTrigger, storage } from "@forge/api";
import ForgeUI, { Table, Head, Row, Cell, useState, useEffect, Text, Button, ButtonSet, Fragment, Tag, Badge, SectionMessage } from '@forge/ui';

export default function MyFunction() {
  const [trigger] = useState(async () => await webTrigger.getUrl("webtrigger-key"))

  return (

and always i get this error


Cheers for the code sample. That has made recreating the problem easier.

Unfortunately I’m struggling to do so. I’m able to print the webtrigger url myself.

Steps I used.

  1. Create new app (UIKit like your own)
  2. cd into forge app
  3. npm install @forge/api
  4. Change src/index.jsx to what you had above but with render imported from @forge/ui
  5. forge deploy not using forge deploy -e {staging,production}
  6. forge install

When you run the above steps yourself what happens?


Hi, i make it works, but i need to remove all my packages of npm, update the forge cli and reinstall all the NPI.

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