Getting 400 Bad Request Error on POST when Creating Requests with REST API

I am having trouble calling a POST to create a request through the rest API. I can make GET requests just fine, but my POSTS aren’t working. I keep getting 400 Bad Request responses.

I am using {myURL}/rest/servicedeskapi/request as the source. POST as the method.

Can anyone see what’s wrong with my JSON body I’m passing through? Perhaps another set of eyes could catch what I cannot find.

  "serviceDeskId": "1",
  "requestTypeId": "63",
  "requestFieldValues": {
    "summary": "Test work order from Tiffanys web app",
    "description": "This is an automated test work order from Tiffanys web app",
    "priority": {"value": "10200"},
    "customfield_10124": {"value": "10109"},
    "customfield_10125": "Tiffanys Office"

Note: customfield_10124 and customfield_10125 are both single-select custom fields.

Thanks for any help!

@TiffanyOwen - if you drop one or both customfield_xxxxx fields from your POST request, does the request go through properly?

It does not… I’m guessing because those are required fields for that particular request type. However, I have finally gotten it to work. In the custom fields, I changed the “value” property text to “id” and it went through perfectly. Any idea why? The examples I pulled from the developer documentation looked like they had “value.” Thanks for the help!