Getting 403 on Jira Software API calls via Connect App


I am getting only 403 resonses on calling Jira Software Cloud endpoints like using JWT Auth from our Connect App. On all the calls to the Jira Cloud REST APIs, it seems to work fine.

I tried to see if the Connect App / system user has licence/permisssions and it seems like it does - i.e. on the user account.

Please advise urgently?
Thank you

That end point reads as if it’s only available to user impersonation authentication. Are you trying to auth via the app user?

Thanks for the reply @rwhitbeck - nah, the auth that we are using is the JWT from the Connect App. So it seems like the answer is yes. And it does not look like we can change the products access and admin privs for the app user. Please advise?

So it sounds like you’re not doing user impersonation. Check out the link I posted earlier and try accessing the endpoint as the user instead of the app.

Thanks @rwhitbeck - I am not sure where you see that?

Under the authentication documentation, it states JWT can be used - we are calling from our Atlassian Connect add-on and under the endpoint documentation, it states App Scope required is READ and that is configured in our app descriptor. Apologies if I am missing something on this. We would like to call the end point as the app and not through any specific user.


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