Getting 429 "LOCK_TAKEN" error response when moving archived lists


I’ve created a simple bash script that gets all archived lists for by making a curl request to Trello REST API. And then for each list makes another curl request to move the list to a different board. In most cases each request succeeds but for some lists API returns this error: {"message":"Unable to get board locks for list move between boards","error":"LOCK_TAKEN"} with 429 status code. Status code means API limit is reach but I’ve added a delay of 1 second between each request just to avoid potential rate limiting issue.

Request in question is Move List to Board:

curl --request PUT \
  --url '{id}/idBoard?value=5abbe4b7ddc1b351ef961414&key=APIKey&token=APIToken'

and I’m sending API key and token in query params.

One thing I’ve noticed is that this LOCK_TAKEN is returned always for the same lists.