Getting 503 error while calling confluence API

Hi @PrzemysawKanach and @RandySwift,

Thank you for your patience. There is now an incident on the developer statuspage about this.

Here is the direct link: Atlassian Developer Status - Attachments download using OAuth in Confluence

Please subscribe to it for updates, including potential workarounds.

Thank you!

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Hi @RandySwift ,

We will not be able to re-enable this functionality. I understand that this is not ideal but it is not possible at the moment.

Is your concern about the update from the site URL format to the api URL format?

The reason why I’m asking is because, as I posted below, there is now an incident about the Attachment downloads: Atlassian Developer Status - Attachments download using OAuth in Confluence.

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Currently Jira REST APIs are working fine with the base URL as site URL.
Is this also going to be deprecated? If yes, then what is the timeline to move to new base URL (


If it works, it’s a completely “undocumented feature”. The 3LO documentation makes it clear to use the URLs. That means if you depend on the undocumented behavior for Jira, it is not subject to policy so it could be changed without deprecation notice and on any timeline. As evidenced by the inconvenience of other developers on this thread for Confluence, undocumented features can and do change without notice.

To be fair, I know there is some disagreement about how clearly this was documented. Where the 3LO docs are clear, the REST API docs are less so. But this thread now makes the Atlassian intent clear for both products so please consider this thread an informal “notice of deprecation” and move as soon as you can.

@ibuchanan Thanks for the clarification.

Hey @ibuchanan , @ccurti
I understand that going ahead “…” is the right way to use an API using OAuth 3LO.

My doubt is regarding the basic authentication, at present the “https://{instanceUrl}/rest/api/3…”
format is working fine and is documented here : Basic auth for REST APIs

But in REST API documentation, everywhere it is suggested to use the “…” way to call the APIs.

Can you confirm the right behaviour for basic Authentication ?


Thanks for clarifying what you meant by “Currently Jira REST APIs are working fine with the base URL as site URL.” In a thread on OAuth 2, I was sure you meant using OAuth.

Basic auth with API tokens remains working for the instance URL. I am not aware of any plans for that to change.

Hi @ibuchanan @ccurti

All Confluence Cloud rest APIs are failing for me with this message :
{“timestamp”:“2021-09-14T15:12:11.782Z”,“status”:404,“error”:“Not Found”,“message”:“No message available”,“path”:"/ex/confluence/xxx/wiki/rest/api/group"}

Are you guys aware if any changes has been made to the APIs ?

I am using OAuth token with as the Base URL and I am also able to hit the accessible-resources API successfully. But any other groups, users, content APIs do not work and break with the same error.


New error, new thread please. When you do post, we’ll probably need more context. For example, maybe what scopes you have, or anything else about the OAuth app details. Have you started using rotating refresh tokens yet?

But quick answer, I don’t see anything in the changelogs to indicate this problem. I also ran through a quick OAuth flow and API call with an expected result (200 and a real payload).

@ibuchanan Created a new topic here : REST API errors with 404:No message available
Please have a look at the details.