Getting all Customer Requests from JSD

I was trying to get all customer requests by using SeviceDeskCustomerRequestService getCustomerRequests function like this:

ServiceDeskCustomerRequestService customerRequestService = ComponentAccessor.getOSGiComponentInstanceOfType(ServiceDeskCustomerRequestService.class);
CustomerRequestQuery query = customerRequestService.newQueryBuilder().requestOwnership(CustomerRequestQuery.REQUEST_OWNERSHIP.OWNED_REQUESTS).serviceDesk(serviceDeskId).build();
Either<AnError, PagedResponse<CustomerRequest>> results = customerRequestService.getCustomerRequests(loggedInUser, query);

but the it returns 100 customer requests as PagedResponse. Is there any way to get more than 100 customer request? Also when we set specific PageRequest start and limit values, it seems there is a problem with working of function. When I ran it start=0 limit=20 it returned with starting first one to the 20th but with changing start value to the 1 it starts from 3rd customer request, can someone explain this and what is the best way to do it?