Getting an app listed on the Toolchain discovery page

I’ve been trying to get my app listed in the Toolchain discovery page within Jira software project settings. On this page you can find tools like Bitbucket, Github, Jenkins, Synk, but its completely unclear how to add an app to that page.

I have connected with several people of Atlassian at AppWeek in Berlin earlier this year, but after months on mailing, talking and opening a support ticket, my app is still not listed, nor is it not clear how to go about adding an app to the page, as other Marketplace Partners may also like to get there app listed.

Is there anyone from Atlassian that can help on this?



Can you post a link to the page?

This is the page I’m revering to.

On your Jira Cloud instance, navigate to any Software project > Project Settings > Toolchain.
Tools can be added using the Add dropdown which brings you to this dialog:

I would like to know how apps can be added to this dialog for users to discover.

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Hey Mark,
My name is Ofir and I’m a product manager on Jira Software. I’m sorry for the journey that you’ve been on here and the lack of clarity available about the process - I can share the process here and how the apps there have made their way to the page.

The listings there are curated by the Atlassian team based on the following criteria:

  1. The app is an ‘official’ (built by Atlassian or tool vendor) integration with a 3rd party tool

  2. The app is a 2nd party offering in the DevOps space - meaning it is a tool itself or adds related capabilities to Jira Software itself. It should not be an integration for a 3rd party tool.

While this is our current process and criteria, we are open to feedback either here or via our Partnerships Team as we consider the evolution of this. If you believe that your app should be included in this list and meets the criteria, your Partnership Manager would be the best point of contact to get your app included on the page.

Hope that helps - feel free to reach out if there are any further questions!

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Hi @OfirZeevi,

Thanks for your reply and clarifying the requirements apps should meet.
I believe that my app, Jenkins Integration for Jira, meets the requirements and could be added tot he toolchain.

I don’t know who my Partnership Manager is. How should I go about getting connected with my Partnership Manager to get some traction on this?