Getting error while adding the Chinese translation file path in Atlassian descriptor file for Jira

Hi All,

I specified the following translation file paths in the atlassian descriptor file:

"translations": {
    "paths": {
      "en-US": "/i18n/0.2/en_US.json",
      "de-DE": "/i18n/0.2/de_DE.json",
      "es-ES": "/i18n/0.2/es_ES.json",
      "fr-FR": "/i18n/0.2/fr_FR.json",
      "zh-CN": "/i18n/0.2/zh_CN.json"

But I am trying to deploy this connect app then I received the following error from Atlassian Marketplace:

The .json descriptor provided is invalid (/translations/paths: object instance has properties which are not allowed by the schema: [“zh-CN”]). Check your descriptor and try again.

I have verified the following:

  1. The translation file zh_CN.json is a valid JSON file containing proper JSON data.
  2. zh-CN is valid property under translations / paths as per the following JSON schema mentioned in the Jira documentation for descriptor:

Please help me to fix this descriptor error.

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