Getting Insight working on local Jira Server (Atlassian Plugin SDK)

I’m developing a plugin that has a dependency on Insight and I’m trying to get it running local with Jira Atlassian plugin SDK.

I’ve added the riadalabs dependencies with Maven:


And integrated Jira Service Management (which has it bundled) with AMPS:


If I go to Settings -->Mange Apps, it’s showing it as activated and only a few UI elements are missing.

I don’t get any Errors in my log regarding Insight. But if I click “Get started” or “Configure” I’ll lead me back to Jira main page. Also, there’s no “Insight” on top navigation bar. Is it because it’s shown as unlicensed?

I’m a bit lost, can anyone help?

Thank you in advance

I get Insight working after configuring Licence for Service desk application on SDK