Getting JDBC and SQL exception for some API calls

Once in a while our atlassian-connect-express app receives a 500 code for API calls with information like:

JDBC exception on Hibernate data access:
 SQLException for SQL [n/a]; SQL state [57014];
 error code [0]; could not extract ResultSet;
 nested exception is org.hibernate.exception.GenericJDBCException:
 could not extract ResultSet\"}" 

[edit] We do a httpClient.get call and get the above as a response from a Confluence instance.

We have no idea why these exceptions sometimes happen. It seems these exceptions happen more often on some days than others, and if they happen in one instance, they are likely to happen in another instance also.

What is the best practice to deal with these?

Hi @marc,

Thanks for reporting this. I’ve created for the Confluence Cloud team to address.


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