Getting Jira info from Service Desk API

Hello, experts:

As I mention on

I’m trying to integrate Jira in our web page. At the end, I wasn’t able to connect a customer to Jira cloud API using OAuth, so now I’m connecting a permission-less Atlassian account to Service Desktop API with Basic Auth. Not ideal, but it works.

Now I’m working to get all the info I could get in a previous version of our web page, that connected only Jira users, but I noticed that there are some fields that I’m not able to get.

Right now, I can’t see how to get how many time has been working on the request, last update date, the update author on comments, or any way to get worklog info for a request (our customers need to know how many time we’ve been working on their request, and how).
I’m looking at
But I’m not able to find a clue on how to get that. Am I blind or service desk API has less info than Jira API?

Thank you.


You are correct. The Jira Service Desk API does have less info than the Jira platform API. This is because customer see less than agents.

So, in order to get the worklog info I should hide an additional connection to Jira with any of our users, using Basic Auth, right?