Getting Started for Bitbucket Cloud Connect with AtlasKit

I’m looking from a simple tutorial on atlas-connect implementation for Bitbucket Cloud(!) using Atlaskit instead of AUI.

Is there an updated ‘Getting Started’ guide for that?


Hey Thomas, welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community!

We have a tutorial for getting started with Bitbucket Cloud and node.js. Once you’ve set up the initial server, you could modify it to serve React on your HTML pages. Once you’re done with that, you can import Atlaskit the same way you would on any other webpage.

There’s a great template repository I found on the Community site that might also help clarify how you’d implement that with atlassian-connect-express.

Good luck, and enjoy your stay!

Hi Huw,

thanks for the info. I did start with the getting started nodejs sample. The generate code still uses AUI 5.6.1 and might need some updates.

I will try a a look at the template repo.

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