Getting started with Asset Management using Forge

Hi everybody

Thank you for taking time to attend this Forge Dev Den session. As promised, here is a list of resources to help you get started and build an end-to-end Forge app for JSM Assets.

  1. Learn about Asset Management
  1. Assets + Forge - Building apps to supercharge Asset Management | Atlas Camp 2023 | Atlassian - Learn about Atlassian’s approach to Asset Management and how to build powerful Forge apps for Assets in Jira Service Management and help your teams take their service management practices to the next level.
  2. Atlassian Forge Official Documentation
  • Forge Documentation: Your first stop for understanding the Forge framework, its capabilities, and how to get started.
  • Forge UI Kit: Dive deep into the UI components available for a seamless user interface design in your apps.
  1. Tutorials and Guides
  • Import Third Party data into Assets: This tutorial describes how to create a Forge app that imports third-party data into Assets. This app allows integrations with third parties by pulling data from external sources during an import. It also contains the triggers that are activated on the deletion, starting, and stopping of an import.
  • Use Async Events API to queue jobs to import objects into Assets: This tutorial describes how to divide your Assets import data into smaller submission chunks to avoid hitting the 55 second invocation limit of Forge. The app you will create as a part of this tutorial uses the Async Events API to queue events that fetch and send data to Assets via the Imports REST API.
  • Import workflow: This page will walk you through a custom workflow that is designed to help you quickly and easily import data into Assets.
  • Schema & mapping: How to define data schema and mapping between external data source and data in Assets.
  • Building Your First Forge App: A step-by-step guide to creating your first app in Forge.
  1. Sample App
  1. JSM Assets API Reference
  1. Community and Support
  1. Extra resources

You will be notified in this thread as soon as the recording of the ACE session will be available.

Feel free to share additional resources, tips, or ask questions in the comments. Our product team will stay on top of this thread.

Happy coding!


Getting started with Asset Management using Forge YouTube recording is now available.