Getting status code "0" as the response status when firing user properties API

Hey guys,

Recently we found some weird errors returned from User Properties API with the status code of “0”:


It keeps popping up consistently and is not replicable using our development site. We did some investigation but unfortunately, we got nothing. If it is some authorization/server issue, it should at least return the status code somewhere along 4xx/5xx.

The URL endpoint that we fire seems correct:


I am wondering is anyone has ever encountered a similar issue on the user properties API or even other APIs. Any help or advice would be helpful!

Thank you!

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Hi @Leon.
This is very much a shot in the dark, but I remember some issue happening relating to the content property key for us. If I recall correctly, some kind of character encoding of the property was happening, and we ended up using an alias (Content Property Index Key Configuration)

I don’t know if that is relevant to user properties.

Hey @Corentin,

Thanks for the info. Ya, this is very frustrating, it only happens to some of our users so it is somewhat flaky.

Hello @Leon

A status code of 0 means there was no response and it can happen with any API endpoint. It almost always means something is randomly interfering with the user’s connection, like a proxy server / firewall / load balancer / laggy connection / network congestion etc etc.

If you Google either ‘Confluence status code 0’ or ‘Jira status code 0’ or just plain old ‘rest api status code 0’ you’ll see where this topic has been raised before.

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