Getting this error when running atlas-package after updating confluence version in pom to 8.7.1

atlas-package command ran successfully before, made an update in the pom to confluence version 8.7.1, now the following error is received when running atlas-package

 The type com.atlassian.mail.queue.MailQueueItem cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required type com.atlassian.confluence.mail.template.PreRenderedMailNotificationQueueItem
at com.addteq.confluence.plugin.excellentable.mail.service.MailerImpl

The class com.atlassian.confluence.mail.template.PreRenderedMailNotificationQueueItem is imported at the top of the mentioned file so not sure what is missing

Hi @adisa.craig

you need to add dependencies to your pom.xml file.

Please read this article, it explains everything