GitHub with JIRA Server onprem using create branch + API call

Hi everyone,

Currently in our company, we’re using JIRA-server integrated with stash and bamboo.
We want to examine the integration between JIRA-server and GitHub enterprise.

I have 2 questions:

  1. In the development tool - I want that creating branch will create branch in GitHub with the JIRA key like we do in stash. Is it possible? Since I see that it isn’t built in feature in JIRA (Please see attchaced screenshot)
    Create branch

  2. There is a script field that we wrote which shows the repository name in the JIRA screen after there is a pull request that opened.
    We use this command to get the data from stash : “[BaseURL]/rest/dev-status/1.0/issue/detail?issueId=” + issue.getId() + “&applicationType=stash&dataType=pullrequest”.

I tried to changed to &applicationType=github (also in uppercase) and in logs it returns with error.
Which command I’ll use to get all the information of branched and PRs from GitHub?