Global Header and Footer


To maintain consistency and protect the branding, it is recommended we use the global header/footer on any external facing sites. They have a set of JS includes which can be added to the web pages. When the page loads, the header script will make a call to a framework which will then use the recipe in conjunction with a rules engine and inject the appropriate header and footer onto the site.

Could any of you help us with pointers to support this? This is holding the compliance team from clearing the website and invite external users onto the platform.


Could someone comment if this is even feasible or not within the framework?

Confluence Cloud has very limited theme options. It may be possible to add your global header and footer although in the current Confluence Cloud design it will not span the full width of the page, only above and below the main content area (i.e. it won’t appear above or below the left-hand navigation).

You will need to add it as a private Connect app using the atl.general and atl.footer Web Panel locations: