Grafana dashboard integration


I want to develop a macro/gadget for following use case:

Grafana dashboard [only accessible with OAuth2] --> Macro/Gadget --> Confluence

  1. User of confluence needs to be OAuth2 - authorized to get dashboard from Grafana
  2. After OAuth2 grafana_session in browser cookie can be used to fetch dashboard
  3. Dashboard HTML page contains further Javascript parts which pull data from a datasource (page and charts are dynamically completed afterwards)
  4. Grafana by default doesnt allow xframe inclusion

I tried many solution (first with macro and later with gadget) but ended up with auth or dynamic page load issues.

Is there any recommendation or may be a similar example use case?

Thanks in advance

Are you a user of Grafana or a developer with Grafana. If you’re a user as I’m reading this you won’t be able to do this without adding additional code to Grafana to allow cross-frames to exist.

Grafana will need to support being an app in Confluence to work.