Grant access to the application

Hello all,

I am building simple Custom UI Forge application and I want to show it to my team members. I deployed and installed the application, but when they navigate to the project page (I am using jira:projectPage module in my manifest file), I can see static content of my application, but after a short moment (I guess it is related to the call to the method invoke from @forge/bridge) I am redirected to the page with content

For this app to display, you need to allow the app to access Atlassian products on your behalf.

and an ‘Allow access’ button.

After clicking the button I can see only this message:

You don’t have access to this app.
This application is in development - only the owner of this application may grant it access to their account.

I tried to deploy my application to development, staging and production (on the same site, currently I have only one-for-all testing Jira instance), but the result is same. I guess there is some obvious misunderstanding, I missed some step(s), but even after reading the documentation I am not able to find what should I do to grant access to my application.

Update: I am able to see and use an issue glance module within the same application.

Can anybody give me some useful hints?

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Are you using any api calls to jira cloud api ?

Hello @KarolGrabowski ,

Yes, I am using asUser().requestJira('/rest/api/2/search?...params...') call in method, which is invoked (@forge/bridge) from my JavaScript resources belonging to the jira:projectPage module.

I think that using that asUser call is the reason why I should allow the app to access the products on my behalf, and this step is working as expected. The problem is that I am not able to use the application even after I click the ‘Allow access’ button, and I am not able to fix the ‘only the owner may grant access’ issue.

What is your apps distribution status in ?

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@rmassaioli thank you very much for pointing to the distribution status. We had the same issue. Switching to Sharing from Not sharing resolved the issue.


It is set to ‘Not Sharing’. I will check whether it helps (update: after switching to Sharing it works) . But I am still confused.

At ‘Distribute your apps’ page ( is written, that when I enable the sharing for my app, a link will be generated and other users can install my app on their Atlassian site. This method is also suggested for ‘internal use, or to test your apps while we work on bringing Forge apps to the Atlassian Marketplace’.

Actually, I want to use my app within only one Jira instance where my colleagues have their account and we can use the app with the same data. They do not have their own Jira instance and I think they do not need to install the app, they just want to use already installed one.

Another thing is that they actually can use a part of my application already – issue glance module which is not using that asUser().requestJira(...) call. They can read and save issue properties.