Groups Picker API not returning any data


We use this Jira Group Picker API to retrieve all groups in our customers’ instance.

This has been working fine for us. However, we recently came across a case where this API is returning 0 groups. We haven’t been able to reproduce the issue ourselves.

Any suggestions for what might the issue be and how we can fix it?

This is a rough snippet of what our code to fetch groups for a particular instance looks like:

    rel = "/rest/api/3/groups/picker"

    def get(self):
        params = {"query": ""}
        result = self._get(self.rel, params=params).json()


Problems like this, with only 1 known case, often require back-end analysis (like looking at the feature flags, database, and logs). I recommend you take this one to developer support where you can safely share the customer instance where the API returns no search results.