Guest users and guidance on development

Are there any updates on external collaborators or guest users?

We are trying to enable our app to work with guest users, but we lack guidance.

For example, the rest API for GET /wiki/rest/api/user returns both:

"isExternalCollaborator": true,
 "externalCollaborator": true,

as per the documentation at . What is the difference in these fields?

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Hi @MorganWang ,

Can you check the current state of guest users? In your earlier post
you wrote:

Guest users are now in GA, but app developers lack the tools to apply the security requirements you mandate!

cc @tpettersen

Hi @NidhiRaj ,
After your announcement of guest users and the current rollout we see that guest users have a new permission model.
It seems addons have no access to guest user user properties, or guest users do not have user properties (see ).
Can you advise on how addons need to handle this situation?