Half ready Forge App submission to marketplace


I am currently developing a product for the Atlassian Marketplace. I want to publish it as soon as possible, but the approval can take weeks.
Can I do it, that I send in the application for approval, for example half ready, without the backend part and can be approved while I finish the backend part?
I’m also curious that if my product gets approved before I finish it, can I flip a switch to not be listed and downloadable in the App Store?

Thank you for your answers! :slight_smile:

Atlassian won’t approve it until they can see the entire thing.

And with Forge - you can’t deploy the front end /backend separately - it’s a bundle. So my guess is that you’ll end up having it rejected and then you’ll be in the back of the line.


But I mean that the Forge functions are calling our separate backend endpoints which are not ready yet. Is this possible?

Make the simplest functional version of your app and submit that. Every change you make afterwards has zero review process so you can iterate rapidly. And yep there is an option in the submission form where you can manually time the marketplace release.