Handle/modify fields on fly on the native create issue page in Jira from jira server plugin

Hi there.

I’m new in developing something for Jira. Spent a lot of time for documentation reading, but still didn’t find an answer.

Task: During the new issue creation in jira we should have a possibility to show values in drop-down menu (single select) based on some conditions like values selected in upstairs drop-down menus.

So is the any chance to create a jira server plugin on java to operate with values in fields on Create new Issue page?

So the idea is to have several independent drop-down menus? let’s say:

  1. “Customer” drop-down menu
  2. “Sub-system with issue” - based on what Customer was set w need to show some particular values in Sub-system drop-down menu.
  3. “Priority” drop-down menu - based on what Customer and Sub-system were set - we need to show some particular values in Priority drop-down menu
  4. etc

I can guarantee additionals +100500 to your karma for links with examples :slight_smile:

I’ve seen some option to do it from a script-runner, but a customer wants to make it from the native plugin with logic on front-end (like we would have in case of ScriptRunner).

Many thanks in advance!

@EugeneTs you might be able to achieve this with a cascading select list custom field. Have a look at the docs on how to add a custom field. Cascading select list is a built-in custom field type in Jira.

Otherwise, the user community might be a better place to ask for help with this.

Thanks! But this is not an option for me as all those fields must be stored independently in Jira. Some of them would be even hidden based on selections in drop-downs above