Hello world app doesn't get updated after forge deploy or forge tunnel

Hi Atlassian dev community, I’m new in the forge app development.
I’m following this tutorial https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/forge/build-a-hello-world-app-in-jira/ and the app creation, first build and installation worked fine.
My problem comes after my first change, when I run forge deploy, it deploys fine, but no changes are made in the app development environment (not in the moment, but neither after 15’ or more). If I run forge tunnel, the tunnel seems to work, I can see the “Listening for requests…” statement and when I reload the page, I see that something is going on in the tunnel, but once again the app doesn’t show any change.

What I’m doing wrongly? Probably it’s a very newbie question but I’m struglling with it for a while, and haven’t find a solution.

Thanks for your help

Hi there,

just an uninformed guess:
have you checked the “Settings > Apps > Manage apps” and see if there is a major release of your app? These release have to be updated manually and occurs if you do certain changes in the manifest.yml


Hi Paul, thank you for your answer. Unfortunately my problem is not related to that, I don’t see any update option in the manage apps section. As you mentioned in my first attempt I had made changes in the manifiest.yml file.
But I’ve tried again from scratch, I created, deploy and installed the plugin, all correct. Then I made some small change in the index.jsx file and in resolvers/index.js file, deployed it, but once again the changes are not visible in my dev environment…

Hi @FernandoPallard , on the Developer Console, in ‘Environments’, you can see which app version is installed. The version number for development should change each time you run ‘forge deploy’.
Then, in ‘Installations’, you can see which version is installed on your site:it should be the latest.
And of course, don’t forget to stop ‘forge tunnel’…
Another clue: if you have done a few tests with the same template, the different apps may have the same name, so be sure that you run the right one! Uninstall old tests on your site and delete them on the Developer console could help to avoid being lost in the mess :wink:
Hope this will help.

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Hi @BertrandDrouhard1 and thanks for your help
To be honest I don’t know if the problem was related with having more than one plugin very similar one to each other, but after removing all of them except the one I’m working with right now and reviewing the developer console, it seems to be working.
After that I changed the manifest.yml file to add some permissions scopes, I deployed it and did the install upgrade and the changes ara made in my environment so… Thank you very much for your help, it seems to be solved now!