Help making issue properties searchable

I’m trying to create some entity properties to store some metadata about tickets for reporting. I’ve got a very simple forge app deployed to our sandbox:

    - key: "created-details-property"
      entityType: "issue"
      propertyKey: createdDetails
        - path: createdMonth
          type: number
          searchAlias: createdMonth
        - path: createdYear
          type: number
          searchAlias: createdYear

I then wrote a simple automation to set the value of the property. Using the entity properties add-on, I can see that it’s getting set on the issue and checking it via the API, I can see that it’s available there as well:

    "key": "createdMonth",
    "value": 2

But I can’t get it available in JQL:

It does show up if I search for an empty value in that property…

What am I missing?

I figured it out. I was not setting the values correctly in my automation. I updated it and it worked instantly.